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'Roll Out' Wonderfulness, 'Laminate' Future

ICE Asia 2014, the fourth international Converting Exhibition is about to show up in Shanghai Mart September 17th – 19th, 2014, and present a wide range of solutions involving package printing, stickers/labels, adhesive tapes, paper, advertising materials, alcoholic drinks and tobacco packaging.

Converting is secondary treatment of paper, films, and non-woven materials, i.e. roll to roll web process.
With the continuous improvement of materials and treatment technologies, converting has been penetrating into our daily lives: 
·Laser hot stamping foils in packaging and printing field, all kinds of color films, bronzing films, heat transfer films, gold and silver cardboards, gold and silver backings, foil stamping foils, food laminating films, Tetra Pak materials, aluminum foil laminating paperboards, PVA high barrier films, and PVDC high barrier films; 
 ·Tape area: BOPP sealing tapes, Mylar tapes, kraft paper tapes, double sided tapes, foil tapes, and PVC electrical insulating tapes; 
 ·Non-setting adhesive area: release liners, PE protective films, adhesive papers, notice stickers, labels, and laser tags; 
·Advertising area: advertising papers, canvas, fine canvas; paper production area: thermal papers; 
 ·Optical grade film material area: optical protective films, insulating films, optical brightening films; 
 ·Electronic area: lithium battery separators; 
 ·Other areas of new materials: filter membranes.

At ICE Asia 2014 site, our exhibitors KROENERT, Davis-Standard, Polytype, Nordson, Herbert Olbrich, Sung An Machinery, Sotech, SHANTOU HUAYING SOFT-PACKING, FEEC, PSA, Deqing Tide Machinery, Jiangyin Kesheng Machinery, Shantou Shuangfeng Machinery, Siemens, NDC, MAXCESS, Meech, Dr. Schenk, JCTIMES, ISRA, OCS, E+L, BST, BIBUS, Megtec, Dr. Hönle, Cloeren Incorporated and other companies will come with their coating / laminating machine, slitting / cutting machine, gravure / flexographic printing presses and accessories, bringing you quality solutions in packaging, printing, stickers / labels, tapes, tissues, advertising materials, medical materials and beverages / tobacco packaging.

ICE Asia is the only Asian branch of Europe's oldest professional converting exhibition-ICE Europe in the Chinese market. With the increasing growth and improvement in the past 6 years, ICE Asia has become the only true professional fair in converting industry.
At the same time, the exhibition convening activities are still in its full swing and 85% of the booths have been sold until June. The number of international, foreign new exhibitors also increases, and exhibitors from Germany, USA, Switzerland, South Korea, Britain, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, exhibitors are joining ICE Asia. In terms of exhibitor categories, ICE Asia coating / laminating are the main force, accounting for 40% of total exhibitors, but we can also see that the parts manufacturers catch up from behind and the number of enrollment is far more than that of last year. 

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