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Established in 1907, Meech has earned a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of effective, durable systems that are supported by our knowledgeable technical team. Meech solutions address five principal areas each supported by a team of trained and experienced technical staff. These are:
1. Static Elimination. Static electricity control for both industrial and clean room areas, to address the problems of Electrostatic Discharge and Electrostatic Attraction.
2. Air Technology. Compressed air systems and industrial energy saving devices. 
3. Surface Cleaning. Web cleaning systems for continuous webs of plastic or paper.
4. JetStream. Powerful air-knife systems.
5. SpeedDri™.  An in-booth drying system to improve the drying time.
The Hyperion 924IPS is a short-range pulsed dc ionising bar. It is powered by 24VDC. At 32mm high by22mm wide it is the most compact pulsed dc bar available on the market. 
The small size of the 924IPS makes it the first 24V DC powered bar to be suitable for the installation positions that would normally require the use of an AC bar. 
Being part of the Hyperion range, the 924IPS uses the same 4 pin M8 connector as the other Hyperion products including 929IPS and 971IPS. OEM customers can power the bar directly from their own 24V supply. End-users may prefer to buy a 24V switchmode power supply from Meech. 
The 924IPS features all the adjustability and monitoring that you would expect from a Hyperion ionising bar. Fully BarMaster compatible, the output can be adjusted to suit particularly difficult applications. The 924IPS is the first Hyperion bar to have an adjustable output voltage. This feature is useful in very sensitive applications such as RFID and gives complete control over the output