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Wuxi Advance Technologies, Inc., is a high-tech company set with the background of cooperating with several US companies. ATI was established in March 2009 and covers the area of coating equipment, drying oven and VOCs treatment equipment. ATI is the strategic partner of ASI, Conquip and TANN and in charge of sales, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service in China. ATI owns a total area of 21000 square meters of production base and over 160 employees. In the short several years, ATI develops rapidly and has a bunch of successful applications including optical film, dry film, reverse osmosis film, solar back sheet, window film, carbonless copy paper, filter paper, lithium battery, etc. By providing various customized system to medium-to-high end clients, ATI has successfully created its own brand and is gradually expanding the brand effect.

Products Profile:

Wuxi Advance Technologies has three brands: converting ine, dryer and RTO. Conquip is specialized in coating industry. Our products include: thin film solar , flexible electronics, composite materials, high performance fabric, medical and filtration media markets. ASI is specialized in designing/manufacturing customized dryer and curing system, including flotation dryer, etc. TANN design, manufacture, install and maintain various environmental equipments, including VOCs treatment facility, energy recovery system, etc.