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Shanghai Surmach industrial equipment co., LTD., which was established in 2007 in Shanghai, focused on the web control industry. Inception of the company, and extensive cooperation with many European and American web industry leading manufacturers, the introduction of advanced cost-effective products, to provide support services to various domestic coil processing equipment,thus Surmach industrial equipment limited has been recognized by industry clients with professional technology, high performance products, and intentions, professional and efficient service.
Through years of accumulated development, the company gradually developed by the agency model as products agents, technology transfer, foreign cooperative multi-mode integrated web control products supplier. While establishing a two affiliated companies, investments and supporting the establishment of a processing plant, two production base (Wuhan,Suzhou);Company invests high share development costs for product research and development, and cooperation with relevant research institutions, deepening technology research and innovation. Roots in the domestic market for many years, Surmach industry has become well-known supplier of web control products.
Our main products are:Web guiding control system, dust removal system, viscosity control systems, tension system, pneumatic brakes, arc-shaped roll and so on.

Products Profile:

SURMACH non-contact web cleaner  filter mainly for coil printing, coating, laminating, rewinding and post-press processes before the dust removal requirement and design, it can neutralize coil electrostatic, remove the plastic, metal, paper, corrugated paper and non-woven material of dust and magazines, improve the quality of the finished product and quality.

AWC non-contact web cleaner is Shanghai surmach focus import web cleaning sales, services, and more than 10 years the crystallization of the independent research and development of nearly three years, use pneumatic to learn advanced design shaker head, comprehensive application of computer simulation, the United States SIMCO efficiently in addition to static electricity, independent research and development of anti scratch patent technology, In order to achieve efficient removal of dust and impurities on the surface of the web.
SELECTRA Web Guiding is mainly through sensors to detect the relative position of web edges, lines or color piece, comparing values and value deviation value, after controller calculation into correct ratio of signal to electric drive, mainly is suitable for the printing, packaging, paper, non-woven fabric, lithium battery, solar energy, rubber tire, textile, metallurgy, etc.