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Since 1945, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, based in Germany (Saal/Donau), develops and produces measurement and control equipment for any web applications likes extrusion film/sheet, extrusion coating, rubber & tire, coating products, textile & nonwoven, building materials, paper, etc.
The success of our family owned company stems from perfect interaction between customers, Mahlo products, and the Mahlo specialists, who are deeply familiar with our customers’ needs. 
We have rich experience in different technologies like Beta, X-ray, Infrared, Laser, Air Caliper, Light Interference, etc. for measurement and control of following parameters of your products:
•Basis weight (weight per unit area)
•Coating Weight/thickness
•Moisture content
•Ash content.
Through our direct Shanghai Representative Office and our partners Shanghai Kuantex in China we can be easily contacted for local business and service. 
Your success is our philosophy – it’s as simple as that!