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Shanghai KADO Automation Co.,Ltd. Is a DS technolgy joint venture that produces correction system,width measurment system. Thickness measurement system and defect detection system .These systems are stable and fast-reacted . They are easy to install and can constantly provide accurate correction .Due to these adcantages,theese systems are widely used on the production lines of printing industry ,battery industry ,tire industry .Metallurgical Industry ,paper industry and building materials industry.
Now in various industries processing strip reel of modern production equipment, its production rate in a few years ago was unthinkable. However, this production rate increase must not be at the expense of product quality as the cost of materials from the correct position because even small errors, and waste generated is any one company can not afford. KADO automatic correction system is capable of a variety of manufacturing processes, ensure accurate control of all types of continuous strip material, scrap and downtime will be limited to the minimum level. We will make sure that your full and normal operation of the machine. The current market correction could go on various forms, but to find there is a cost-effective correction is not easy. In addition to high precision, easy operation, need and price concessions, these are precisely the real needs of most customers. And KADO correction is based on customer demand for the development of the high cost of basic correction system.

1) The system uses imported cameras, to achieve full width line automatic inspection, real-time acquisition defect information on metal coils, take pictures, record, save. The true realization of all seized features!
2) real-time display cultivar name, volume, speed, roll length, width, number of defects, cycle number of defects, product uniformity and other information. And real-time tracking system speed, roll length, width and other information.
3) The system for the detection of defects provided proportional photos, location information, long-width, area, type, time, periodicity and other related information.
4) The system provides real-time alarm periodic defect can accurately determine the source of a periodic defect (required manufacturers to provide perimeter data production line equipment), enabling customers to locate the fault position as soon as possible.
5) The system according to the date and time, volume data storage and statistical flaws, generate defect reports, reports can be printed at any time according to customer demand, the defect data records to ensure that the storage time of more than one year.
6) The system can be equipped with labeling machine real-time location of the defect, convenient marker for severe defects.
7) The system is based on the Windows platform, the whole Chinese-detection software