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The Dr. Hönle AG is one of the leading suppliers of industrial UV technologies worldwide.
Together with our subsidiaries, we develop, produce and sell LED UV units and LED UV equipment, UV units, UV equipment, inert UV dryers, UV lamps and UV bulbs, IR lamps, UV measuring technology, reflectors, solar simulation systems and Electronic Power Supplies.
In addition, UV dryers for rotary printing (sheet-fed offset printing, web offset printing), UV systems for inkjet printing and flexo printing, infrared and hot air drying systems, powder-coating and powder extraction systems, UV medium-pressure bulbs and UV low-pressure lamps, UV lamps for air, water and surface disinfection, quartz glass and quartz glass components and industrial adhesives and potting & sealing compounds are developed, produced and sold within the Hönle Group.
Our products are used in a wide range of industrial applications: in printing (web or 3D printing), in coating and finishing (for example 3D coating), in bonding or casting, for surface disinfection or water disinfection, in solar simulation and photovoltaic or for fluorescence testing.
Our strength lies in our ability to customize products to suit the specific requirements of our customers. We are particularly proud of our highly integrated production.
The keys to our success
→ committed and qualified employees
→ unique systems expertise through close collaboration within the group
→ advantage of synergies
→ highest quality standards for our products
→ application specific development through close cooperation with our clients and with partners in the chemical industry
Strategy and Future
The Hönle Group has seen significant growth over recent years. Our companies have attained success worldwide in the three main market segments of: Machinery & Plant Engineering, Glass & Lamps and Adhesives. This makes us independent of any one specific sector, strengthens us
against weaknesses in the individual markets and thus guarantees stability and security.
In particular with our involvement in the areas of adhesives, glass and digital printing, we are represented in interesting and promising growth markets. The Hönle Group will continue to grow in the future. On the one hand, we will achieve this by continuing to do what has made us so successful: developing new and innovative products tailored to the requirements of our customers' applications. On the other hand, we will continue to integrate new companies into the Group.
The Hönle Group –partner of industry
The Hönle Group has 69 business locations in 27 countries worldwide. In Germany, we have nine business locations, including our own production sites. Our locations abroad are all in countries of key importance for our business operations. In addition to this the Hönle Group has a comprehensive network of sales partners.

From conceptualization and realization right through to customer service. This has made us a reliable partner for industry for almost 40 years.
In the development of our products we place great value on quality, efficiency and sustainability. Our aim is to supply our customers today with the technology of tomorrow.
Dr. Hönle AG has been listed on the stock exchange since 2001 and since then has considerably broadened its base through strategic acquisitions. Today the Hönle Group employs more than 500 people – all working for your success.
The Hönle Group develops and manufactures equipment and systems for printing and coating applications. The group can draw on the know-how of experts with decades of experience in an extensive range of applications.
Our products are used in the printing industry, in electronics production, furniture manufacturing and in the aviation and automotive industries.
Sheet-fed offset expert Eltosch Grafix GmbH offers almost 50 years of experience and a wide range of ultraviolet, infrared and hot air drying systems which have won awards for outstanding energy efficiency. In addition, we develop, manufacture and distribute products for the entire sheetfed offset printing process chain: from temperature control and conditioning during inking, through to the powder application and exhaust system.
UV drying systems for web offset printing For almost 20 years, the Swabian company PrintConcept has been developing UV systems for rotary printing – with outstanding international success. In addition to conventional UV dryers, we offer excellent systems for inert UV printing.
For more than ten years, Dr. Hönle AG has been involved in the field of digital and inkjet printing, providing innovative UV solutions. From narrow-web to XXL, from conventional UV to UV LED curing systems: Hönle offers high-end dryers for every digital application. In the field of UV dryers for large-format inkjet printing, Hönle has been the global market leader for many years.
Printing is dead. Long live printing! Despite a decline in traditional printing applications, there are areas which hold great promise for the future. These include digital printing, packaging printing and also printed electronics. Here, the potential of UV technology really comes into its own – and with it, Hönle. We support these fields of application with our extensive expertise in UV curing.
LED is a technology of the future. This is true in many areas. And it definitely applies to the UV-LED curing of adhesives, casting compounds, printing inks and coatings. Dr. Hönle AG is an expert in this relatively new technology. For more than 10 years now, we have been developing UV-LED systems, which were initially used for curing adhesives and casting compounds. Today, our UV-LED products are also an established feature in the printing industry.
Thanks to continued research and development, we have long been considered a pioneer in the field of UV-LED curing. The exchange of ideas and information with our customers and the chemical industry has greatly assisted us here.
We assemble LED arrays in-house. This allows us the highest degree of flexibility and independence in developing and designing our UV-LED systems. In this way, we can create individual solutions for each customer – always perfectly tailored to the specific application.
The Hönle Group has 69 business locations in 27 countries worldwide. In Germany, we have nine business locations, including our own production sites. Our locations abroad are all in countries of key importance for our business operations. In addition to this the Hönle Group has a comprehensive network of sales partners.