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Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries is part of Nordson Corporation’s Polymer Processing Systems product offering and is a leading international supplier of flat extrusion and slot coating dies, feedblocks, and related equipment for extrusion and fluid coating processes, as well as film, sheet, and pelletizing applications. The company operates plants in the United States, China, Germany, and Japan, including capabilities in all four countries for remanufacturing its own extrusion and slot coating dies, as well as equipment built by other suppliers. 
Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries strives to provide customers with the most accurate and precise tooling available. Our highly talented team has the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to supply custom-designed equipment to meet your specific application requirements. 
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Product Profiles:

Nordson builds two types of slot die coating systems: the Premier™ fixed lip system and the Ultracoat™ flexible lip system. Premier™ slot dies are particularly well-suited for very thin and optically clear coatings that require very close tolerances, whereas Ultracoat™ slot dies have a flexible lip with adjustability to control he lip gap profile and thus the coat weight.
Premier™ fixed lip slot dies and Ultracoat™ flexible lip slot dies, both available in single and multi-layer designs, are custom-engineered for a wide range of fluids, including solvent and water-based coating, slurries, paint, hard coating, UV curable, adhesives, and many more. 
For processors interested in converting from roll coating to slot coating applications, our sales and service teams are happy to assist you in making the change. 
Nordson is also a leading international supplier of extrusion die technology, providing a broad line of custom-engineered flat extrusion dies and related system components for extrusion coating and laminating. 
The latest Nordson EPC™ (Edge Profile Control) die is designed to provide processors with the ability to vary coating width, while minimizing edge trim waste.
Nordson’s dual deckle system allows for simple, convenient width adjustment, while reducing the size of the edge bead. The result of this fresh approach is minimal overcoat, which significantly reduces resin costs and trim waste. 
Remanufacturing services are available for extrusion and slot dies. We also employ a team of highly skilled field service technicians to assist converters with on-site repairs, operation and maintenance training, and technical support throughout the globe. 
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